Since 1991, Consolidated Printing, Inc., has been one of North America's leading ticket manufacturers. We combine a professional
and dedicated workforce with state-of-the-art technologies to provide our clients -- who include some of the world's most
renowned names in the sports and entertainment industries -- with products of unparalleled quality, and always at
competitive prices.
But while the scope and the impact of our position in the ticket-printing industry
are markedly enormous, our philosophy remains pure and simple:
Consolidated Printing is founded on a passionate belief in the power
of the printed ticket. And that is why our goal has always been
and will always be to create products that are as superb
and as inspiring as the clients we so proudly serve.
Over the years, our products have filled the seats of Madison Square Garden, have surfed the crowds
at Woodstock '94, and have basked in the majesty of Carnegie Hall. Name any major sporting or
entertainment event in recent memory, and Consolidated Printing was probably there.