About CPI

Company Overview

Consolidated Printing, Inc is a full-service commercial printer specializing in custom event-ticket printing, for athletic teams, event organizers and venue operators.

The secret is our comprehensive, full-service capabilities. From design to delivery, from the art room to the loading dock, our dedicated staff works around the clock, utilizing industry-leading equipment and technology, to ensure that every client receives a finished product they can be proud of.
Over the years, CPI has proudly served organizations and events from nearly every field of the sports and entertainment industries, including teams from virtually every major professional and college sport, as well as orchestras, ballets, museums, film festivals, awards ceremonies, concerts and tours, television shows, and theme parks.

Fostering innovative ideas and staying on top of the latest technologies are critical components of our strategy for success. As our industry continues to evolve, and as technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, Consolidated Printing intends not only to keep up but also to stay ahead. We will achieve this by maintaining an inclusive atmosphere that encourages diversity, ingenuity and versatility, by constantly studying the trends of our ever-evolving industry, and by squaring it all with a driven, proactive workforce. Wielding these tools, we will strive for advancement on every level, including higher quality products and services, more efficient processes, faster and clearer communication, faster and more reliable turnaround, and less environmental impact.

As of December 2019, FineLine Technologies, a global barcode label and RFID ticketing provider acquired CPI. Learn more about FineLine at www.finelinetech.com.


Corporate Vision

Our strategy for success begins with a resolute focus on the long-term. Since 1991, Consolidated Printing, Inc., has secured its place in the vanguard of the ticket-printing industry. We have devoted ourselves to setting the bar high, and will continuously strive to raise it even higher.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise the bar for the entire ticket-manufacturing industry on every conceivable level. We will achieve this by committing ourselves to offering the highest-quality products and services at competitive prices, by combining the values of excellence, reliability, innovation, integrity, cultural diversity and equal opportunity, and by passionately believing in the power of the perfectly printed ticket.

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